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Why the name, Puzzle Pieces to Pathway?


Great question!  This is an exciting story! 


During the time Cindy Marie spent learning and applying budgeting skills, she began each day with quiet time, reading, journaling, and prayer.  Regularly, Cindy Marie reviewed her notes from Sunday messages, pulled excerpts from devotionals,  and wrote quotes and special scripture on Post-it notes.  She found it helpful to reread these notes as daily reminders and words of encouragement during her challenging journey toward debt-free living.


As her pile of meaningful quotes, scripture, and hand-written notes from messages began to mount, Cindy Marie decided to hang several large adhesive easel pad sheets onto a wall of her home office for the purpose of having a way to display these notes to more easily read them as she journeyed toward debt-free living.  

Over time, the five large sheets were eventually covered with notes.  What helped her remain strong, focused, and purposeful during her journey was largely due to  the encouragement and reminders reflected in her display of scripture, quotes, and notes.  


Looking carefully at her office wall covered with notes, Cindy Marie studied each of the five large sheets and realized the notes were organized in such a way that a concept emerged from each of the five. During the process of gathering these notes, Cindy Marie had no master plan for organizing them.  It wasn’t until, at the end of her journey to debt-free living,  she stepped back  to read over the  notes and, with great clarity, identified five concepts, or areas of life.  Five separate clusters of notes!  Five different concepts! She believes, without a doubt, it was God’s hand showing her the positive impact each note, each quote, every scripture, and each message had on different areas of her life during her journey. 


Cindy Marie refers to these five areas of life as “puzzle pieces.”  


  • Hope/Faith/Love

  • Purpose

  • Relationship

  • Finances

  • Organization  


Why the term, “puzzle pieces,”  you ask?


Without hesitation, Cindy Marie will tell you her pathway toward debt-free living was accompanied by an unexpected faith journey filled with life enriching outcomes.  Unexpected.  Puzzling, actually.  Cindy Marie grew in her faith as she worked diligently to budget and pay off debt. Never had she expected the challenges she faced financially would be lessened by the wonderful experiences she gained during her journey. 


At the time Cindy Marie became serious about learning to budget, it was at that time she turned over all the “pieces” of her life to Him.  Even though she was unsure as to what her pathway would look like, Cindy Marie believed God would set a path for her to follow, which He did.  Hence, the word, pathway.  


Puzzle Pieces to Pathway was created with the hope of encouraging others to join the journey to debt-free living while experiencing life enriching outcomes along the way.  


Is there scripture connected to the mission of Puzzle Pieces to Pathway?  


Yes, there is! The scripture, Galatians 5:22-23 (“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control; against such things there is no law.”), spoke to Cindy Marie as she thought about the mission of Puzzle Pieces to Pathway.  In 2017, when Puzzle Pieces to Pathway was created, Cindy Marie embraced this scripture. As we strive to help others, may we mirror these God-like qualities in our daily lives.


Cindy Marie

Puzzle Pieces to Pathway

Encouraging a Community of Budgeters

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