about dr. c marie

Dr. Cindy Marie Kiernan, known as  Dr. C Marie in the field of coaching, supports women  in the journey toward debt-free living. 

In recent years, C Marie was buried in debt comprised of school loans, credit card debt, personal bank loan debt, and a car loan. Even though she truly loved her work and found her career to be extremely satisfying, she believed her management of finances did not reflect responsible choices. Once C Marie made the decision to tackle debt, other areas of life became more fulfilling, resulting in stronger faith and a higher level of contentment. She  believes there are other pieces to the puzzle outside managing finances- areas which contributed to her ability to become free of debt.  She uses the term, puzzle, because she through her studies and education, she did not develop financial literacy skills.  Money management was "puzzling" to her.  Those in need of support and encouragement in this area of life, most likely, will understand this scenario.

As C Marie started living a debt-free life , she thought about other women possibly experiencing the same struggles. She understands managing finances and addressing debt can be exhausting, embarrassing, and emotional, yet YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   C Marie invites you to join the journey toward debt-free living.  

Join the journey today.  Puzzle Pieces to Pathway (PP2P) with C Marie!  You can reach her at cmarie@joinpp2p.com.