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Wake up to the dream

of a debt-free life

Dr. C Marie managed her professional life 

responsibily serving as a highly 

effective teacher in the field of education. 

Her years in the classroom brought her 

great joy recognized by family, friends, 

colleagues and students.


However, C Marie’s financial life reflected 

a different story. For much of her adult life, 

she was buried in debt compromised 

of student loan debt, credit card debt, car 

loans, and bank loan debt.


In 2012, after stuggling in silence for 

decades, C marie made the life-changing 

decision to tackle her massive amount of

accumulated debt.  What she discovered 

were life enriching outcomes along the way.


C Marie became free of debt in November 

2016. Excited about the possibilities for helping 

others, she chose to create...


Puzzle Pieces to Pathway, LLC




    To Encourage a Community of Budgeters


Wake up to the dream of a debt-free life

book reviews

"Isn't it amazing how some authors capture your attention and keep you wanting to read just a little more before you put the book down? Dr. C Marie had years of debt struggle and then she successfully became debt free. Now she is willing to share her story with others and she so capably does so. Her words of wisdom continue beyond being debt free and in her words, utilize our "talents to pursue our purpose and support one another (pg 76)."

                   - Frank Stovall, author of "Investing For Fun- and Profit"

"Loved this book on so many levels! I loved the author's special memories and could identify with so many of them. Not only does the book help you learn to live debt-free, but it also helps you to live a purpose-filled life. I recommend this book highly!"

                  Carolyn Blount

"It is one thing to read a book about how to get out of debt - it is quite another thing to read a book by an author who shares her “journey to debt-free living” in such an inspiring and empowering way. You will be encouraged by C Marie’s stories and strategies. Her words are gracious and genuine. Possibly, if you’re like me, you will be challenged to be a better manager of time, talents and gifts as well as money. Well done C Marie! I highly recommend!"

                 - R. Lantz

"I really enjoyed this book and how it tied together the important "puzzle pieces" we each have in life between finances, faith, and relationships. With each page the book got better and better. It is such a heartwarming and inspiring story that enables others to see how true behavior change can make a difference between being in tremendous debt to becoming completely debt free."

                  - Kathy

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